Ongoing Formation for Vietnamese Oblate priests


In April from 25 to 28, 2017 Vietnam mission organized ongoing-formation for Vietnamese Oblate priests. This is the first time the Vietnam mission arranged a such ongoing formation. In previous gathering occasions which were combined with annual retreat, Oblate priests had little time for sharing pastoral experience together. Therefore, this ongoing-formartion occasion is really meaningful and significant. Most of Oblate priests in Vietnam mission attended this occasion, including 17 Oblate priests. Some were absent because of studying abroad.


This ongoing formation course were opened with Eucharistic Adoration in which we grasp that The Eucharist is the climax of liturgical and missionary life. Furthermore, day by day we get closer to The Eucharist in order to commend to Him our present mission and all what we have harvested during this ongoing formation time.

With the theme “Living in communion for Mission”, father Emmanuel Trần Quang Khương, incumbent superior of Vietnam mission, inspired all of us the spirit of solidarity and the desire to implement our evangelical mission.


After opening speech, father Roland Jacques, incumbent vice-provincial for the Vietnam mission, shared with us the Oblate Charism which Our Founder has received from the Holy Spirit, helping us to deepen Oblate spirit and providing some more information on transformation that past 36th General Chapter (October 2016) reaped abundantly. He guided us how to live and feel the spirit of Our Founder as well as encouraged us in preserving and living out the spirit in our own missionary life. He also expressed that we must read the first ten provisions in our Oblate constitution and rules every day in order that we would apprehend how very important the invaluable inheritance that God has given to us to preserve and enhance is.

The sharing from father vice-provincial was concretized by father mission superior through his sharing on pastoral ministry and his new vision for mission future. With 70 Oblates, including 19 priests and 1 deacon, there is a promised bright future on evangelical field in our Vietnam country.

Besides, father Dominic Nguyễn Văn Lộc then shared with us the Guidelines “The Service of Authority and Obedience” released by The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, which is supposed to be practiced by every religious. He expressed that we should identify who we are, and how we could meet God. Obviously, It would be that we have to listen to God, to obey God through humanity and through our superior.

After learning days, all of us gathered together, symbolizing our communion for evangelical mission. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for us to share what happened in the past so that we can sympathize and support each other. Our fervent desire is to establish missionary communities. This plan is potentially to bring Vietnam mission fruitful results in the environment of Vietnamese evangelization, in which our Oblates are present in 6 dioceses.


The ongoing formation course ended at 9.00 am on Friday April 28th, 2017 in the atmosphere of joyfulness and thanksgivings towards God the Almighty. We hope that our sharing and contributing may become both first-fruits of our Mission and “the salt of the earth” for the glory of God and salvation of souls.

Written in Vietnamese by Fr. Đình Thái, O.M.I., a Vietnamese Oblate priest having mission in Hưng Hóa diocese, a remote mountainous region in Vietnam.

Translated into English by Sch. Dao Duc Minh, O.M.I.


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